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Kakujuji Temple is one of the Awaji Shichifukujin Sacred Sites and is dedicated to Bishamonten (Bishamonten). It is said that this temple was built in 592 during the reign of Emperor Suiko by an imperial decree of Prince Shotoku. The temple had seven imposing buildings on its vast territory and many pagodas. Kakujyuji Temple is considered one of the oldest temples on Awaji Island.

Bishamonten, or Bishamonten, is an Indian deity and is considered one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Buddhism. In his left hand he holds the eighty-four thousand Dharma treasures and the twelve texts of the Twelve-Part Sutra, and in his right hand he holds a treasure stick, which is said to drive away evil spirits and bestow treasures. He needs the love of his mother and the compassion of his father; love alone cannot overcome life's difficulties. It is important to keep demons at bay, suppress evil karma and vexations, and live a pure, righteous, and courageous life. It is hoped that the father's mercy and the mother's love will be united so that the family can live in harmony.

The history and traditions of Awaji Island are alive and well at Kakujuji Temple. The temple was built during the reign of Emperor Suiko and boasted of its grandeur. Even today, the temple remains important to those who pray for the safety and courage of their families.

KAKUJYUUJI Basic Information

Address343 Shaya, Jindai, Minami-Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture
Official WEB-
Opening hours8:00-17:00 (visitation is available 24 hours a day)
ClosedNo holidays
AdmissionFree (300 yen worship fee)
Parking20 cars
Parking feeFree
AccessPublic Transportation: 29 min. walk (2 km) from Tateishi Station on the Jukan Line [via Torii] bound for Fukura.
By car: 16 minutes (9.8 km) from Sumoto Interchange until you arrive

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