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Manpukuji Temple is located on Awaji Island and is dedicated to Ebisu-sama. On the left hand side of Ebisu-sama is a sea bream, a symbol of good fortune, which also means “budding. This represents a good omen or the beginning of happiness. In his right hand, there is a fishing line, which indicates courtesy and the importance of living a single-minded life without hesitation.

Historically, the shrine was founded around 770 by a priest who was the tomb guard of Emperor Junin's mausoleum. However, it declined as time went by; it was rebuilt around 1394 by the Gaju clan and continues to this day. The temple enshrines a statue of Dainichi Nyorai and has an unusual style of shumidan.

Manpukuji Temple is blessed with good fortune for maritime traffic, fisheries, water and marine commerce, and prosperous business. The temple is also one of the Awaji Seven Sacred Places of Good Fortune, and the deity Emishutai is also enshrined here.

MANPUKUJI Basic Information

Address87-1 Kaju-Kajiya, Minami-Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture
Official WEB
Opening hours8:00-17:00
ClosedOpen all year round
AdmissionFree(300 yen worship fee)
Parking30 cars
Parking feeFree
AccessPublic transportation: 16 min. walk (1.1 km) from Kashubashi (bus), bound for Fukura on the Jukan Line [via Torii].
Car: 13 min. drive (6.9 km) from Seitan-Mihara IC

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