Awaji Island Ride-Sharing (Car-Catering App) Information [Uber/Lyft/DiDi/Grab/Go]


This page provides a summary of ride-sharing (car-dispatch application/service) information for Awaji Island.

Ride-sharing services are convenient for people without cars and foreign travelers for sightseeing. Especially in sightseeing areas in rural areas of Japan, public transportation such as trains and buses are inadequate, so it is convenient to be able to get around by car.

Currently, ridesharing is prohibited by law in Japan, and only cabs can be hailed through car-dispatch applications/services. However, the shortage of cabs due to inbound tourism demand has triggered renewed discussion on the revision of the law.

This article provides a summary of the Awaji Island area vehicle dispatch status for typical ride-sharing (vehicle dispatch apps/services).

Until the ban on ride-sharing (delivery apps/services) is lifted, please use the Awaji Island cab companies listed in the following article.

Recommended ridesharing (car-dispatch apps/services) on Awaji Island

The recommended ride-sharing service on Awaji Island is Uber. To be precise, as we mentioned at the beginning of this article, it is not a ride-sharing service, but a cab dispatch application.

Requesting a ride with Uber

Uber dispatch status in Awaji Island

On Saturday, July 21, 2018, the car-dispatch service Uber began a demonstration experiment in the Awaji Island area, and the service is still available.

Request a ride with Uber

Status of Lyft car dispatch in Awaji Island

Currently, the Lyft car-dispatch service is not available on Awaji Island.

Status of DiDi (DiDi) Car Dispatch in Awaji Island

The DiDi car-dispatch service is currently unavailable on Awaji Island, although the service was launched in the Awaji Island area on July 3, 2019.

Grab (Grab) Car Dispatch Status on Awaji Island

The Grab car-dispatch service is currently unavailable on Awaji Island.

GO Car Dispatch Status on Awaji Island

Currently, the "GO" car dispatch service is not available on Awaji Island.