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Uzu-no-oka Onaruto Bridge Memorial Hall (Uzushio Science Museum)



Uzu-no-oka Onaruto Bridge Memorial Hall (Uzushio Science Museum) opened in 1985 as a facility to introduce the history and technology of the Onaruto Bridge connecting Awaji Island and Shikoku. Today, it is a popular tourist spot as well as a photo spot, gourmet spot, and entertainment spot, with the familiar objet d'art of onions, a specialty of Awaji Island, set against the backdrop of the Naruto Straits.

This article describes the inside of the facility as well as the charms of actually visiting Uzu-no-oka Onaruto Bridge Memorial Hall (Uzushio Science Museum).

Spectacular photo spots at the Uzu-no-oka Onaruto Bridge Memorial Hall

The most popular photo spot on Awaji Island, "Ottamage"

Onion at the Onaruto Bridge Memorial Hall in Uzu no Oka

Uzu-no-oka Onaruto Bridge Memorial Museum (Uzushio Science Museum) is the best photo spot in Awaji Island. In particular, the large onion sculpture "#Ottamage" is a photo spot where visitors are sure to take commemorative photos.

Memories of Shichitama Piano

Shichidama piano at the Uzu-no-oka Onaruto Bridge Memorial Hall

"Shichitama Piano," a street piano in the museum, is a piano filled with memories of the local Shichi Elementary School, which closed in 2020. The piano is wrapped with portraits drawn on onions by the students of the school.

The chairs of the grand piano are also decorated with onions!

Onion wig

Onion wig at the Uzu-no-oka Onaruto Bridge Memorial Hall

Onion wigs are also very popular. Not only wigs for adults and children, but also onion wigs for dogs are available.

Limited burgers and restaurant at Uzu-no-oka Onaruto Bridge Memorial Hall

The Memorial Hall has a restaurant with a beautiful view. From this restaurant, you can see a view of the Onaruto Bridge. The restaurant also serves dishes made with fresh ingredients from Awaji Island.

Awajishima Onion Kitchen, the nation's #1 and #2 local hamburger

Awaji Island Burger Onion Kitchen at the Uzu no Oka Onaruto Bridge Memorial Hall

Awajishima Onion Kitchen Uzu no Oka is located next to the entrance of the Uzu no Oka Onaruto Bridge Memorial Museum.

The "Awajishima Onion Beef Burger" and the "Awajishima Onion Gratin Burger" are unique and creative burgers that utilize Awaji Island ingredients that have won first and second place in the National Gotochi Burger Grand Prix.

Note that the Awajishima Onion Kitchen burger can also be found at the nearby Roadside Station Uzushio.

Awajishima Onion Beef Burger: 850 yen
Awajishima Onion Gratin Burger: 850 yen

Awaji Island's exquisite fresh sea urchin shabushabu-shabu at Uzuno-oka Restaurant with a spectacular view

Uzu no Oka Onaruto Bridge Memorial Hall's spectacular restaurant Uzu no Oka

In addition to hamburgers, Uzu-no-oka Onaruto Bridge Memorial Museum has a restaurant where you can enjoy seafood dishes.

At Uzu-no-oka Restaurant, you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes such as boiled and grilled fish set menus, tendon, sushi, sashimi, hittemabushi, takotsubushi, octopus rice, and conger eel rice, using Awaji Island's excellent fresh sea urchin, Awaji Island 3-year torafugu, Awaji Island shirasu, Awaji Island Spanish mackerel, sea bream, hamo, golden horse mackerel, red leg shrimp, sayori, and hairtail, etc. You can enjoy them.

Uzu-no-oka Awaji beef sea urchin shabu (black sea urchin): 5,940 yen
Awaji Island 3-year torafugu (blowfish) in an exquisite raw sea urchin hot pot course: 15,400 yen
Kama-age shirasu shirasu no kobore-meshi: 1,320 yen
Awaji Island raw Spanish mackerel rice bowl: 1,870 yen

Other gourmet foods at Uzu-no-oka Onaruto Bridge Memorial Hall

Milk bread on the hill of Uzu Hill Onaruto Bridge Memorial Hall

Oka-no-ue-no Milk Bread is a simple but innovative milk bread with a fluffy texture, characterized by the rich flavor brought by Awaji Island milk. The sweetness is moderate, and it is ideal as a souvenir because you can discover new tastes not only freshly baked but also in a cold state.

Today is Meat Day, a restaurant where you can enjoy an exquisite meat lunch with a juicy hamburger steak made from A5-rank Awaji Island Kuroge Wagyu beef, carefully grilled over binchotan charcoal.

Onion Catcher is a popular game center crane game that includes onions. It is an attraction where you can get Awaji Island's specialty onions just like in a game center.

Uzushio Science Museum" to learn about the whirlpools of Naruto Strait, one of the world's three major tidal currents

Uzushio Science Museum at Onaruto Bridge Memorial Hall

Uzu-no-ka Onaruto Bridge Memorial Museum also houses Uzushio Science Museum. Here, visitors can learn about the formation mechanism of Uzushio and related natural phenomena.

Uzunetarium at the Onaruto Bridge Memorial Museum of Uzumigaoka

Uzunetarium is located at the back of the Uzushio Science Museum. Only here there is a charge.

Adults: 300 yen
Elementary, junior high and high school students: 100 yen
Preschool children: Free
Discount for the disabled: 5 discount for you and one accompanying person with a disability certificate

Uzushio Trick Art at the Onaruto Bridge Memorial Museum

In front of the Uzunetarium, there is a Uzushio Trick Art. It is a popular photo spot, so please enjoy taking commemorative photos.

Introduction to the Uzushio at the Onaruto Bridge Memorial Hall of the Uzumi-no-Oka Onaruto Bridge

In the adjacent Uzumeku Circle, visitors can experience the size of a 7-meter-diameter vortex. The actual Uzushio is 30 meters in diameter, so its enormity is palpable. The walls are full of secrets of the Uzushio, and as you move toward the center of the whirlpool, you will learn more about Awaji Island.

In addition to the above, Uzushio Slider and the real-time Uzushio Camera make this a fun science museum where parents and children can play and learn together.

Basic information about Uzu-no-oka Onaruto Bridge Memorial Hall

NameUzu-no-oka Onaruto Bridge Memorial Hall/Uzushio Science Museum
Address936-3, Fukura Hei, Minami-Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture
Official WEBhttp://kinen.uzunokuni.com/index.html
Opening hoursUzunooka Onaruto Bridge Memorial Hall 9:00-17:00
Uzushio Science Museum 9:00-16:30
AdmissionUzushio Science Museum 300 yen for adults, 100 yen for junior and senior high school students, 100 yen for elementary school students, free for preschool children
ParkingYes (150 cars, 20 buses, 10 bike stands)
Parking feeFree
AccessBy car: 3 minutes from Awajishima Minami IC on Kobe-Awaji-Naruto Expressway
Public Transportation: Free shuttle bus from Fukura, 20 min.

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