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Keinomatsubara is a sightseeing spot on the west coast of Awaji Island, featuring a 2.5-km-long white sand beach and pine forest. The beautiful scenery, especially the 50,000 black pines and white sand and green pines, was designated as a national scenic beauty spot in 1928, and was designated as Setonaikai National Park (natural park) in 1955.

It is a popular tourist spot visited by many people throughout the year for sunset spots, swimming beaches, camping, proposal roads, fireworks displays, and sea fireflies.

In this article, we will introduce some of the sightseeing points and facilities that we felt during our actual visit to Keinomatsubara.

Keino Matsubara Tourist Attractions

Keino Matsubara Stone Monument

There are three main points of interest in Keinomatsubara.

  • One of the best sunset spots in Japan (one of the 100 best sunset spots in Japan)
  • The best white sand beach in Setouchi
  • Sea firefly viewing, a rarity in Japan

The 100 best sunsets in Japan were selected by the Association for the Creation of Sunset and Sunrise Hometowns in the Japanese Archipelago, a non-profit organization. The bright red sunset over the Seto Inland Sea at Keinomatsubara, selected from several hundred locations, is nothing short of magnificent.

In addition to Keinomatsubara, Murozu and Tomishima in Awaji City were also selected. If you want to see a beautiful sunset in Awaji City, this is also recommended.

Keinomatsubara is the best pine grove of white sand and green pine trees in the Seto Inland Sea, with a white sandy beach stretching approximately 2,500 meters. (White sand and green pine trees are a metaphor for Japan's beautiful coastal scenery, formed by white sand and lush pine trees (mostly black pine).

Sea fireflies are crustaceans similar to Daphnia magna, about 3 mm long, and glow blue, hence the name firefly. They live where the water quality is good and the sea bottom is sandy, and can be seen at Keino Matsubara from around April to September.

Keino Matsubara Facilities

Proposal Tiles and Proposal Streets

Keino Matsubara Proposal Road

The "Proposal Road" in Keino Matsubara features tiles engraved with vows of love, making for a romantic stroll. The promenade also features traditional Hyogo Prefecture handicrafts such as devil's masks and the Chinese zodiac, which add to the elegance of the pine forest.

Keino Matsubara Beach

Keinomatsubara Beach

Keinomatsubara Beach is a 2.5-km-long beach of white sand and green pine trees, selected as one of the "100 best beaches in Japan. In summer, the beach is open from early July to late August and attracts many bathers. Another reason for its popularity is that visitors can enjoy beautiful sunsets over the Sea of Harima.

Keino Matsubara Camp Ground

Keino Matsubara pine forest

Keinomatsubara Campground offers free camping style with free sites. The affordable fees are 300 yen for elementary school students and older, 1,500 yen to bring your own tent, 700 yen for cars, and 200 yen for motorcycles. Common facilities include flush toilets and a garbage disposal area, and there are convenience stores, supermarkets, and hot spring bathing facilities nearby. Reservations can be made by phone, and the open period is from July 1 to August 31.

National Guest House "Keino Matsubara-so"

Located in the beautiful pine forest of Keinomatsubara, this lodging facility offers spectacular sunsets on the Keinomatsubara coast, selected as one of the best 100 sunsets in Japan. In addition, Uzushio Hot Spring is well known for its smooth skin after bathing.

In addition to the National Guest House "Keinomatsubara-so," there are many other lodging facilities in the Keinomatsubara area, so you can choose the hotel of your choice.

Keino Matsubara Fireworks Display

Keino Matsubara Fireworks Display

The Keino-Matsubara Fireworks Festival is a fireworks display held annually in late July on Awaji Island. The event is held in the vicinity of Keinomatsubara Beach, about 200 meters from the shore, where more than 3,000 fireworks are shot off and can be viewed while sitting on the beach.

Basic Information on Keino Matsubara

AddressPine grove in Matsuho Keino from Matsuho Kozuji, Minami-Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture
Official WEB
Opening hoursOpen daily
Parking feeFree
AccessPublic Transportation: 10 min. by cab after getting off at "Rikuno-ko Seitan" Highway Bus Stop
Car: 8 minutes from the Seitan Mihara IC on the Kobe-Awaji Naruto Expressway

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