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Parche Fragrance Hall and Fragrance Hot Spring



Parche Fragrance Hall and Fragrance Hot Spring is a tourist complex located on the west coast of Awaji Island, Awaji City. Visitors can enjoy eating, drinking, lodging, hot springs, and hands-on experiences based on the theme of aroma.

In particular, the "Fragrance House" offers a wide variety of aroma experiences, such as making original perfumes, extracting essential oils from herbs, making gel candles, soap, incense, and other items for a pleasant and relaxing experience.

The "Fragrance Hot Spring" has an open-air bath with a view overlooking the Seto Inland Sea. Enjoying seasonal herb baths is also a unique experience at Parche.

In this article, we report on our visit to Parche Aroma House and Aroma-no-Yu and the charm of the facilities.

Tourist Attractions at Parche Fragrance Hall and Fragrance Hot Spring

The attractions of Parche Fragrance Pavilion and Fragrance Hot Springs can be summarized into three categories as follows.

  • Experience menus for making original perfumes and extracting essential oils of herbs
  • Open-air baths where you can enjoy the seasonal fragrance of herbs
  • Soft ice cream and Awaji Island burgers that can only be enjoyed here

Experience menus for making original perfumes and extracting essential oils of herbs


In the original perfume creation process, you can choose your favorite fragrance from 24 carefully selected essential oils to create your one-of-a-kind original perfume. Essential oils are 100% natural fragrance ingredients extracted from plants.

Botanical perfume: 2,250 yen/40-50 min.

In the herbal essential oil extraction experience, you can experience the process of extracting essential oils through steam distillation. Steam distillation is a process in which aromatic components vaporize when herbs are steamed, producing essential oils that float to the surface after cooling and floral water (used in lotions, etc.) that contains water-soluble components.

Other experiences include gel candles, rose hip soap, incense, flower arrangement, and herbarium.

Essential oil extraction experience: 5,500 yen/2 hours

Open-air bath with seasonal herbal scents


Parche Aroma-no-Yu is a day spa facility featuring an open-air herb bath. We can recommend stopping by at the end of your sightseeing tour of Awaji Island or stopping by during the daytime to relax. There is a large hall where you can relax after bathing and free herbal tea for a comfortable stay.

I often use this onsen facility when I guide people around Awaji Island for events and tours!

Adults: 730 yen, Children: 410 yen (11:00-21:00, last admission 20:00)

Soft ice cream and Awaji Island burgers only available here


Lavender, rose, and fig soft serve ice cream, as well as Awaji Island burgers made with herbs, are also available at Parche Aroma House and Aroma Spa. These are original products that can only be enjoyed here under the theme of fragrance, so be sure to stop by and try them.

Soft ice cream: 400 yen, Awaji Island burger: 850 yen

Facilities at Parche Fragrance Museum


The Ichinomiya area of Awaji City, where the Parche Fragrance Museum is located, is a town of fragrances that boasts the largest share of incense production in Japan.

At the entrance of the Parche Fragrance Museum, visitors can see a variety of exhibits, including perfumes from around the world, exhibits of Japanese incense, and even contemporary fragrances. There is also an exhibit of distillation equipment, where visitors can experience the extraction of essential oils obtained by steaming herbs and enjoy the charm of fragrance to the fullest.

In the potpourri room, there are six types of fragrance experiences for children and the elderly to enjoy, including making incense from local industries and creating your own perfume. A maximum of 186 people can experience these activities at the same time, making it the perfect place to create memories of your trip.

Facilities at Parche Fragrant Spring


Awajishima Ichinomiya Onsen, located in the Ichinomiya area of Awaji City, where Parche Aroma Hot Spring is located, features an open-air bath with beautiful views of the Harimanada Sea and seasonal herbs floating in the water. mildly alkaline simple hot spring with a PH of about 8, it contains hydrogen carbonate, ions and radon and the water is colorless and soft with a nice lather. Iced herbal tea can be enjoyed free of charge in the rest room.

Other Facilities in Parche Fragrance Hall and Fragrance Hot Spring

In addition to the facilities listed above, Parche Fragrance Hall and Fragrance Hot Spring also offers the following facilities.

  • Herb Garden Fragrance Path
  • Large slide
  • Kaoru Cafe & Herb Shop (Parche Marche)
  • Fuchsia Greenhouse
  • Citizen's Farm
  • Large Farm
  • Specialty Products Museum
  • Fragrance Inn

All of the facilities offer a comfortable stay in a natural setting under the theme of fragrance. We recommend that you take your time when you visit Parche Scent House and Scent Bath.

Herb Garden Fragrance Path
Special products store
Large slide
Fuchsia Greenhouse
Great Farm
Great Farm Picking Experience

Overview of Parche Fragrance Hall and Fragrance Hot Spring

NameParche Fragrance Hall, Fragrance Hot Spring
Address3025-1 Ozaki, Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture
Official WEBhttps://www.parchez.co.jp/
Opening hoursAroma Pavilion: 9:00-17:00, Aroma Spa: 11:00-21:00
Closed2nd Tuesday of the month
Parking200 cars
Parking feecharged
AccessBy car: Approximately 15 minutes from the Hokudan IC of the Kobe-Awaji Naruto Expressway
Bus: Take a highway bus from JR Maiko Station to Koriya, or take a cab, etc.

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