Awaji Puppet Theater



Awaji Puppet Theater is the only puppet theater that performs Awaji Ningyo Joruri, a traditional performing art of Awaji Island, even today. Awaji Ningyo Joruri, designated by the national government as an important intangible folk cultural asset, is a traditional art form performed with three puppets, gidayu, and futozao shamisen. At its peak in the mid-Edo period (about 300 years ago), there were more than 40 puppet theaters, and the appeal of ningyo joruri was spread throughout the country.

At the Awaji Puppet Theater in Minami-Awaji City on Awaji Island, visitors can experience the best of Japanese culture that has continued since the Edo period.

In this article, we will introduce the tourist attractions and facilities that we experienced during our actual visit to the Awaji Ningyo Joruri Theater.

For those who wish to learn even more about the history of Awaji Ningyo Joruri, a visit to the Awaji Ningyo Joruri Museum is also recommended.

Awaji Puppet Theater Tourist Attractions (foreign language audio guides available)

Inside the Awaji Puppet Theater
  • Watch Awaji Ningyo Joruri, an Important Cultural Asset, Live!
  • Awaji Ningyo Joruri performers will take you behind the scenes of Awaji Ningyo Joruri.
  • Experience Japanese culture at your leisure with four performances a day.

Awaji Ningyoza is the only puppet theater on Awaji Island that has continued the tradition of Awaji Ningyo Joruri since the Edo period. It is a must-see tourist spot for anyone interested in the culture of Awaji Island and traditional Japanese performing arts.

At the Awaji Puppet Theater, you can not only watch the performances, but also take a guided tour behind the scenes with the performers. You can also have your picture taken with the puppets, so you can not only learn more about traditional culture, but also make memories of your trip.

The Awaji Puppet Theater offers four performances a day, so it is easy to take in a performance. Some performances do not offer backstage guided tours depending on the time of day, so it is recommended to check the website for the latest information beforehand.

Awaji Puppet Theater Facilities

Appearance of the Awaji Puppet Theater
The exterior of the Awaji Puppet Theater. The building in the shape of a doll's head is a landmark.
Performances of Awaji Puppet Theater
Offers a wide variety of puppet shows.
Entrance to the Awaji Puppet Theater
Entrance to the Awaji Puppet Theater.
Audience seats at the Awaji Puppet Theater
Awaji Puppet Theater bleachers. Photography is prohibited during the performance.
Backstage at the Awaji Puppet Theater
View of the bleachers from the stage of the Awaji Puppet Theater.
Awaji Puppet Theater's viewing platform and drums
Tayuza. A viewing platform and drums used by the tayu narrator.

Awaji Puppet Theater Basic Information

NameAwaji Puppet Theater
Address1528-1, Fukurakou, Minami-Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture
Official WEB
Opening hoursRegular performances at 10:00, 11:10, 13:30, 15:00
ClosedWednesdays, Year-end
AdmissionAdults 1,800 yen, junior high and high school students 1,300 yen, elementary school students 1,000 yen, infants (3 years and older) 300 yen
Parking25 cars
Parking feeFree
AccessPublic Transportation: Approx. 15 min. from Kobe-Awaji Naruto Expressway "Seitan Mihara IC" or "Awajishima Minami IC
By car: A short walk from Fukura Bus Terminal by highway bus from JR Sannomiya Station or Maiko Station