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The Uzushio Cruise is a cruise sightseeing ship that departs from Fukura Port in Minami-Awaji City, Awaji Island, and allows passengers to experience the spectacular Naruto Straits whirlpools. In spring and fall, you have a chance to see the world's largest giant whirlpool, which reaches a diameter of about 30 meters. However, the Uzushio cannot always be seen, so we recommend that you check the timetable before departure and visit during the times when the Uzushio is most likely to appear.

This article introduces the sightseeing points and facilities that we actually experienced aboard the Uzushio Cruise.

Sightseeing points of Uzushio Cruise

Experience the powerful whirlpools up close

whirling tides in Naruto

On the Uzushio Cruise, the ship passes very close to the spot where the whirlpools occur. The whirlpools up close are far more powerful than you can imagine, and you can enjoy them with peace of mind on a large ship that is highly stable and has little swaying.

Beautiful view of Fukura Bay

View of Fukura Bay

There are many attractions along the way on the Uzushio Cruise, including not only the main whirlpools but also the scenery of Fukura Bay. The beautiful scenery of Fukura Bay seen from the boat is another attraction.

Interacting with seagulls

Meet seagulls on a Uzushio cruise ship

Since seagulls come to Fukura Port in winter, you can also interact with them on the Uzushio Cruise. Interacting with seagulls is also a fun experience.

Uzushio Cruise Facilities

Uzushiodome Nanairo Kan" with ticket sales office

Uzushio Dome Nanairo Kan

The Uzushio Cruise departs from the Uzushiodome Nanairo Kan in Minami Awaji City, Awaji Island. Inside this building, there is not only a ticket office for the Uzushio Cruise, but also souvenirs and a footbath facility.

Ticket sales office at Uzushiodome Nanairo-kan

Tickets for the Uzushio Cruise can be purchased at this sales office. You can board the cruise ship from the door on the right of the ticket sales counter.

Inside the Uzushio cruise ships "Kanrin Maru" and "Nippon Maru

Uzushio Cruise Ship "Kanrin Maru

On board the Uzushio Cruise, visitors can learn about the whirlpools through digital attractions such as the Awaji Sky View, Digital Aquarium, and Uzushio Channel.

The Uzushio Cruise is also designed with universal design, barrier-free, multipurpose restrooms, and a children's corner and nursing room.

In addition, there is a VIP room that can be rented for up to 18 persons. In these stately rooms, which have the image of those used for captain's meetings, you can enjoy a special cruise on the Uzushio.

Uzushio Cruise Basic Information

NameUzushio Cruise
AddressFukura Port, Minami-Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture (Uzushio Dome Nanairo Kan)
Official WEB
Opening hours9:30-16:10, about 6 cruises a day
ClosedOpen year-round
AdmissionAdults 2,500 yen, children 1,000 yen, infants free (1 per adult)
Parking feeFree
AccessBy car: Approximately 20 minutes from the Seitan Mihara IC on the Kobe-Awaji Naruto Expressway.
Bus: Approx. 90 min. by highway bus from JR Sannomiya Station to Fukura Bus Stop.

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