Ohama Beach



Ohama Beach, selected as one of the 100 best beaches in Japan, is a popular spot in Kansai with beautiful white sand and green pine trees.

The beach stretches for 750 meters, and the water is shallow and clean. New beach houses have opened, and public showers, changing rooms, and coin lockers are available. Located in the Sumoto hot spring resort area, it is the perfect place to stay overnight and enjoy a full day of swimming.

With Senbon pine trees, Mt. Mikumayama, and the ruins of Sumoto Castle in the background, the beautiful scenery is considered one of the "Eight Views of Sumoto.

Ohama Beach Tourist Attractions

Ohama Beach has the following three attractions.

  • One of the cleanest beaches on Awaji Island
  • Beautiful scenery of "Senbonmatsu" black pines
  • Water athletics, fireworks display, film festival

One of the cleanest beaches on Awaji Island

Ohama Beach White Beach
Ohama Beach White Beach

Ohama Beach is a popular tourist spot for swimming and sunbathing, known for its beautiful white sandy beach stretching approximately 750 meters and its clear ocean water.

During the bathing season, showers, changing rooms, and restaurants are open for families and children to enjoy.

Beautiful scenery of "Senbonmatsu" black pines

Guide to the Thousand Black Pines of Ohama Beach
Guide to the Thousand Black Pines of Ohama Beach
A thousand black pines on Ohama Beach
A thousand black pines on Ohama Beach

Ohama Beach is known for its beautiful rows of black pine trees along the shoreline, which act as natural breakwaters to protect the inland area from wind and waves.

The well-maintained black pine road is a popular sightseeing and recreational area, offering visitors a variety of activities such as strolling, picnicking, and nature observation.

Water athletics, fireworks display, film festival

Ohama Beach will open its "Frolic Sea Adventure Park Awaji Island" during the swimming season from July to August. Visitors can enjoy more than 27 types of attractions, including trampolines, slides, jumps, and swings, at this water athletic facility with the purchase of an admission ticket.

The Awaji Island Festival Fireworks Festival is held in early August. This festival is held for three days, with the fireworks display on the last day. It is said to be one of the largest fireworks festivals in Hyogo Prefecture, with approximately 4,000 fireworks being launched.

The Umizora Film Festival is held in April. This film festival features the unique concept of showing films in a natural setting and is mainly held at Ohama Beach (Sea Cinema). At the Sea Cinema, a large screen is suspended over the sea using a crane, offering a special experience of watching a movie on the beach.

Sightseeing spots around Ohama Beach

Here are some attractive tourist spots around Ohama Beach. Please stop by when you visit Ohama Beach, as there are a variety of historical, gastronomic, and game spots.

Sumoto Castle Ruins (Mt. Mikuma)

It is a historical keystone of Awaji Island and a designated national historic site. Located on a 133-meter-high mountain, it is characterized by its unusual climbing stone walls and abundant vegetation. It is also a famous cherry blossom viewing spot, and volunteer guides are available upon reservation. A sightseeing spot where history and nature are in harmony, it is recommended for history lovers.

Awajishima Museum

The Awaji Island History and Culture Museum collects the history and culture of Awaji Island in one place. Visitors can learn about Awaji Island from the mythical times to ancient, medieval, early modern, and modern times. Personally, I like the materials related to the railroads of Awaji Island.

Awaji Gochisokan Miketsukuni

This historical brick restaurant, a renovated factory from the Taisho era, offers dishes that make the most of the rich ingredients of Awaji Island. The menu features fresh seafood and Awaji beef, and is a fascinating gourmet spot where you can feel the culinary history of Awaji Island.

Dragon Quest 30th Anniversary Monument

This Dracula monument was set up because Sumoto City, where Ohama Beach is located, is the birthplace of Yuji Horii, the creator of Dracula. It is a must-see for game fans.

Ohama Beach Basic Information

NameOhama Beach
Address1 Kaigan-dori, Sumoto City, Hyogo Pref.
Official WEB
Opening hours-
AdmissionFree outside of the swimming season.

【Swimming season (July-August)】
Changing rooms: free
Shower (hot water) 300 yen
Coin-operated lockers 300 yen per locker
There is a restaurant at the beach house
Boat rental agency is located in the northern part of the beach
Pets are not allowed to swim.
Parking200 cars (weekdays 8:30-17:30, weekends, holidays and Bon holidays 8:00-18:00, last entry 30 minutes before)
Parking fee1,000 yen/time during the period when the bathing beach is open
AccessBy car: 15 minutes from Sumoto IC on Kobe-Awaji-Naruto Expressway toward Sumoto City
Public transportation: Expressway bus from Sannomiya to Sumoto Bus Center, 1 hr. 30 min.