Awaji Gochisokan Miketsukuni



Awaji Gochisoukan Miketsukuni is a brick building renovated from a Taisho era factory, and is a restaurant where you can taste the culinary charm of Awaji Island, which in the past provided foodstuffs to the imperial family.

In a spacious space with 100 seats, you can enjoy local seafood, Awaji beef, and unique onion soup.

This fusion of the history and flavors of Awaji Island makes it a recommended gourmet spot.

What is Miketsukuni?

MIKETSU-KUNI refers to the area in ancient Japan where foodstuffs were offered to the imperial family. In addition to Awaji-no-kuni (now Awaji Island), Wakasa-no-kuni and Shima-no-kuni also fell under this category. These areas were blessed with seafood and were geographically located close to the Kinai region. Under the Ritsuryo system, they were obliged to deliver foodstuffs directly to the Naizenji, and their cultural and historical importance is high.

Awaji Gochisoukan Miketsukuni Tourist Attractions

Awaji Gochisoukan Miketsukuni has the following three attractions.

  • Enjoy Dining in a Stylish Awaji Island Red Brick Warehouse
  • Restaurant with a menu featuring seafood and Japanese beef from Awaji Island
  • Close to Sumoto Hot Springs, Sumoto Castle, and Sumoto Bus Center

Enjoy Dining in a Stylish Awaji Island Red Brick Warehouse

Exterior view of Artisan Square
Sumoto private library next door
Appearance of SBRICK
Cafe S BRICK next door

Awaji Gochisokan Miketsukuni is a group of historical buildings that symbolize the Industrial Revolution of the Meiji and Taisho Eras (over 100 years ago).

Having survived the Nankai Earthquake and the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, the buildings are now reused as cultural facilities such as the municipal library in addition to the Mishoku-kuni, and they continue to convey a valuable historical legacy to the present.

Surrounding public facilities are also made of red bricks, blending in with the landscape and adding vitality to the area as a new spot.

At Awaji Gochisoukan Miketsukuni, you can enjoy dishes centered on the seafood of Awaji Island, which is so rich that it was once presented to the imperial family.

The menu, which uses fresh seafood, allows visitors to fully enjoy the area's unique charms.

In addition, the restaurant also offers fine meat dishes such as Awaji beef, which combines traditional flavors with modern ingenuity.

Map of the area around Miketsukuni

Awaji Gochisoukan Miketsukuni is surrounded by tourist attractions such as Sumoto Onsen, Sumoto Castle, and Ohama Beach, which are easily accessible on foot or by cab.

It is also located near the Sumoto Bus Center, making it an ideal place to dine after arriving on Awaji Island.

Unique facilities such as the Dracula Monument and S BRICK (café) offer a variety of experiences for visitors.

Awaji Gochisokan Miketsukuni Basic Information

NameAwaji Gochisoukan Miketsukuni
Address1-1-8 Shioya, Sumoto City, Hyogo Prefecture
Official WEBhttp://www.miketsu.jp/
Opening hoursWednesdays (Open every day in August and on national holidays)
ClosedAdmission fee
AdmissionAdmission fee
ParkingYes (parking lot in front of Sumoto Bus Center)
Parking feeFree for the first hour. 100 yen per hour thereafter. Free for 1 hour if the total amount spent is 4,000 yen or more.
AccessBy car: 15 minutes from Sumoto IC
Public transportation: 4 min. walk from Sumoto Bus Center